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Letter: Obama creates a buzz during election season

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 2, my husband, my 22-year-old son and I stood for almost four hours waiting for the doors of the Target Center in Minneapolis to open for the Obama rally.

Standing with us was the most diverse and eclectic group of people I have ever been a part of.

Looking around at the ever-enlarging crowd, I felt, for the first time in a long time, how proud I am to be an American. If we can unite, put aside our differences, and work together, there isn't anything we, as Americans, can't do.

About 20,000 people spent that Saturday waiting to hear Barack Obama tell us we can make the choice to change. We can end the war, we can get our economy back on track, we can make health care available to all and we can provide the best education possible for our kids.

I can assure you that the 20,000 people who participated in the Obama rally have made the choice to change.

That Saturday was energizing. Obama was energizing. The crowd was energizing.

The excitement was palpable. 20,000 people (of every background and every walk of life) were united in a commitment to adhere to the values and the principles that make our country great. That Saturday was about our future, about promise, about inspiration, about aspiration and about hope.

I've never been involved in politics before. Obama has pulled me off of the sidelines. Obama makes me believe we have a chance. Obama gives me hope that a new and brighter America is just around the corner.

All of us, together, can make the choice to change. Under Obama's guidance and leadership, our country can unite. Next Tuesday, vote for change. Next Tuesday, vote for Barack Obama.

Kristina Ogland