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Letter: Virtual schools work for some families

To the Editor:

I am a self-employed person in Holmen, Wis. My wife and children recently traveled to Madison as a show of support for virtual school.

We, as a family, had high expectations the politicians on this day would act like adults and come together on a compromise promoting this highly effective form of education.

I have a bachelors of science in middle school education. I taught in Wisconsin and Georgia.

Virtual school works for a percentage of students that, for whatever reason (academic, social, mental etc.) the brick and mortar school, although they have the best intentions, cannot serve effectively.

Virtual schools work because the parents are involved. As a parent, that is my right and responsibility. I would not be wasting my time writing this letter if WEAC, the afraid-of-change teachers union, had not filed a lawsuit against virtual school.

Any good educator knows effective pedagogy requires constant change. So Gov. Jim Doyle and other democratic legislators come to your senses, do what you know is right for children (not the WEAC teacher union) and get out of our way so we (certified teachers and responsible parents) can do our jobs.

Tom Kruse