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LETTER: Cameron deserves vote in April 1 election

To the Editor:

Everyone has probably heard the old saying, "He's a humble man, and he has a lot to be humble about."

Howard Cameron is a humble man, but those of us who know him can't figure out why.

I knew of Howard well before I met him. He was the guy who was always volunteering for one thing or another. He served as president of the Lions clubs in both Osceola and Hudson. He was a Board member of the Ladd Memorial Hospital in Osceola. He was a trustee of St. Joseph Church is Osceola. He is on the Parish Council at St. Pat's Church in Hudson.

All of that is just the beginning. I first knew him as the guy who ran the "Wendy's Night" for St. Pat's, not exactly a job you do for the glory. It isn't a ticket-punch, and it doesn't get you invited to sit with anybody of any importance. Still it is work that needs to get done and Howard does it.

Howard wants to continue his quiet service to all of us, by taking on the responsibilities of county judge. He has thought long and hard about what he could bring to the bench; those thoughts are spelled out at his Web site:

I wish I could list all of the things that Howard has done for all of us, but many of you already know that anyway. Just as he has generously given his time to help us, please take some time on April 1 to help him.

Go to you local poll and vote for Howard Cameron. He won't let you down.

Brian Huffman