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Letter: Referendum phenomenon a violation of Constitution

To the Editor:

Now that the referendum is over for this season let's examine some of the phenomenon it precipitated.

To begin with there was the embarrassingly stale front page article in the News on population growth in St. Croix County. One need only speak to a couple of realtors or mortgage writers to know growth has been stopped dead in it's tracks. New home inventory is at record levels and existing home sales have slumped near zero. Worse yet, home values have receded by varied estimates up to as much as 30 percent. Where was our inquiring reporter when readers really needed him/her and accurate information on which to decide the vote?

Did anyone else notice that vote "YES" signs were of professional quality. They must have been expensive, yet no one has come forth to inform us as to where all that money for those signs came from. Could it be that our "education" money went to cover their cost?

Vote "NO" signs were home made. Cardboard or plywood with tape or crudely painted lettering. Not much need to ask where they came from. They came from overburdened taxpayers. Some probably trapped in homes they can't sell.

There was also the phenomenon of the disappearing "Vote NO" signs. It's possible some misguided greenie felt they were removing visual pollution. More likely they were removed by parties that stand to gain financially. It would be enlightening to know who these greedy people are who feel they are somehow entitled to what others work so hard to earn.

Or is the disappearance a manifestation of the new fascism we're reading and hearing so much about. Our universities are rife with it and it has shown it's ugly head just recently as close as Forest Lake High School. Like the old fascism that boiled out of Munich and St. Petersburg it refuses to tolerate even the expression of an opposing viewpoint. In that case it is a violation of the First Amendment right to Freedom of Expression. It would be enlightening indeed to know who these people are who trample on the highest standard in the land, our constitution.

Jim Schroeder

New Richmond