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Letter: Death on the front lines... of California

To the Editor:

The recent military death toll in Iraq having reached 4,000 has brought forth an avalanche of news reports on the uselessness of this war.

Let's put some perspective on these casualties.

There is a state in the U.S. where more Americans have died. From 9/11 to March 26, 2008 more than 14,300 have been murdered (yes, murdered) in that state.

That state is California which has an equivalent population to Iraq. The numbers are from the FBI crime statistics. You can Google it.

It's all too easy to write these murders off as being drug and gang related. Most of the victims are still Americans and human beings.

So after 200 years what are we to do; pull out of California? The terrorists in the Middle East must be thought of as criminals bent on killing non-Muslims and Muslims not adhering to the Muslim way as interpreted by these radicals. Women are still treated as second-class citizens and recently a Catholic bishop was kidnapped and killed. Hardly a peep was heard about this in the news.

A soldier here in New Richmond, going to Iraq for his second tour of duty, feels our peace keeping effort is worthwhile as we help the new Iraq government establish itself.

Yes, he said, the Iraqi people want the U.S. out of the country, but not until peace has been assured.

Bob Ziller

New Richmond