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Letter: Answers to City questions found online

To the Editor:

Do you have questions about what is happening in the City of New Richmond?

The City of New Richmond's Web site may have the answer.

A statement was made in last week's paper that it was 'near impossible' to get answers from the City. In reality, many answers are only a click away.

By clicking on "Upcoming City Meetings" you can see when and where future meetings are being held, and view their agendas.

The "Recycling" link will inform you of what can be recycled and when and where you can take your recyclable items if you have missed the curbside pickup date for your area. Don't know when the curbside pickup dates are for your area? You can find that out as well on the page.

Curious about your street projects? The "6-Year Projected Street Improvement Plan" may shed some light on when work may be done in your neighborhood.

Need to contact someone at City Hall? Phone numbers and e-mail addresses ar listed for most City staff and alderpersons.

These are just a few examples of information that is available to you online. If you can't find the answer to your question, you can always go straight to the top, and ask the mayor. There is a link for that too.

Frederick Horne

Alderman District 1