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Our View: Be honest, be timely, but also be helpful

A large number of you will receive a survey in the mail this week.

The New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce is sending out a four-page questionnaire asking for some simple information about your family and how you spend your money.

The survey is completely anonymous and is being sent to several thousand households in the area.

For many, the tendency will be to lay the survey aside until there's a more convenient time to fill it out.

We'd encourage you to fill it out immediately and return it in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope. The sooner the information is returned, the faster the Chamber will be able to use the research to help local businesses succeed.

Another tendancy of survey participants might be to be less than honest when answering the questions. Many of us shy away from being completely honest if we know the answer isn't exactly what others want to hear.

Whether Chamber officials get the answers they're hoping for isn't important. An honest picture of how buying decisions are made in your family is most important.

To that end, we encourage each participant to give their answers some thought and be honest with the response. Chances are, if you have developed certain buying habits, others have developed the same habits. Your answers represent not only you, but those in the community who are like you but won't get the chance to fill out a survey.

No matter what you say in the consumer survey, your input is valuable to local businesses and the local economy in general. Invest 15 minutes of your time and do your part. If you do, in the end we will all thank you.