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Letter: FamilyMeans appreciates volunteer help

To the Editor:

Last year, FamilyMeans' volunteers gave the community a gift valued at more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Yes, more than 300 volunteers worked with youth, provided respite care, helped with fund-raising events and provided special service, leadership and advice to help FamilyMeans fulfill its mission to strengthen the community by helping families learn, work and nurture healthy relationships.

When people find a meaningful way to reach out to others they typically find they get more out of the experience then they expected. Everyone wins and selfless volunteer work contributes to the common good of a community.

FamilyMeans wishes to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers publicly during National Volunteer Week. Their excellent skills, commitment to our mission and generosity make them stars in our organization.

We're happy that FamilyMeans is known as the place where you can both get and give help.

Thank you volunteers.

Arba-Della Beck

FamilyMeans President

Margaret Irwin and

Dianne Vierling


Volunteer Coordinators