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Letter: To the members of West Immanuel Lutheran Church

To the Editor:

This letter comes to you because I spoke to my cousin, Jon Ronning, last evening. He tells me that you are going to tear down our beautiful church. Some of you may remember Jon's mother, my aunt Irma and the many times I played the organ for her in the balcony. I understand that Pastor Rex is still your pastor. He will remember my mother and father, Myrtle and George Vollert, as he buried both of them. In November of 2006 he also had a service for my husband, Bob Sommers, who passed away on my birthday that year.

What he does not remember is that my uncle Sigurd Ronning painted the words above the altar, first in Norwegian, then in English.

I will be buried next to my husband in the cemetery also. Two of my great-grandfathers signed the original charter.

Perhaps this means nothing to you younger people but my God has told my heart to have nurse Lillie Tryggestad write you this letter. How well I remember buying our cemetery lots at Reuben and Norma Johnson's home.

My thoughts and prayers will always be with my loved ones whose bodies lay in that hallowed ground. I believe their spirits have gone to be with the Lord and for that I praise Him.

My prayers are with you as you make your decisions wisely.

Gayle Vollert Sommers

Viroqua, WI

P.S. My mother was an Olson