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Letter: Street project public hearing set

To the Editor:

For those of you living in an older part of town, look out your front window and imagine a six foot grass strip with a five foot sidewalk where your trees once stood and then wonder, where are you going to park your vehicles as they cannot block the sidewalks.

Residents living in the Village of Hammond on Clark St. have been voicing our community concern about expense, procedure and dissatisfaction from the time we have started attending meetings for the "2008 Clark, Adams & Wolf Street Project" about the sidewalk and paving part of Wolf Street. When is the Board going to start considering the community's best interest in these tough financial times?

As time has gone by and attending meetings, people really need to take a look at how these meetings are run. Trustees just pull vindictive proposals out of the air and another seconds and there you go. It passes and other Board members sit there in total shock and dismay about what just happened. The decisions being made by our Board should be for the good of the entire community, but some members seem to have adopted a personal vindictive nature towards residents that have taken a stand and voiced both negative and positive opinions and ideas throughout this process. Taxpayers attending these meetings have been told, "We are the Village Board and we will do what we want."

Village of Hammond residents....there is a public hearing on Aug. 4 with a tentative time of 6 p.m. - come and see how residents are being treated. Perhaps the thousands of dollars being wasted on invasive sidewalk and a lawsuit concerning Wolf Street could be better spent somewhere else in the community, like the library that is currently seeking more funds.

They are in our neighborhood now, is yours next?

Mark Aug. 4 on your calendars and hope to see you there.

Tim and Donna Peterson