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Letter: Nursing home vote won't impact taxes

To the Editor:

We can't get away from the fact this is an election year. Our mail boxes and TV shows are full of reminders and let's not forget all the phone calls.

Yes, it does get a little overwhelming. However, we as citizens, taxpayers and voters owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to make an informative vote. We need to make our vote count by learning as much factual information as we can, whether it is on policy, persons or referendums.

On Nov. 4, the citizens of St. Croix County will be voting on an advisory referendum regarding the St. Croix County Nursing Home. So many numbers and dollar amounts are out there - it is enough to make your head spin.

These are the facts I know, but I suggest everyone research for themselves:

1) Not long ago, the County Nursing Home was self-supporting and helped support other County programs.

2) Some of your tax dollars have been supporting the County Nursing Home since 2000.

3) Whether you vote "yes" or "no" at this time will not change your taxes at this time.

If you vote "no," your taxes will not go down. If you vote "yes," your taxes will not go up because of the nursing home, but the residents of this county will continue to receive quality care, no matter what their race, creed, sex or bank account.

Another referendum before us is reducing the size of the County Board. What I find amusing at this time is that some of the former County Board members who now want to reduce the size of the County Board are the ones who fought the hardest to keep it at 31 previously. Check it out for yourself.

One source of information is and the St. Croix County Board minutes (public record).

Loyla Waskul