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Letter: McCain is better choice for America

To the Editor:

I heard John McCain make a comment several weeks back that all Americans are, or at least should, be guaranteed three things under the U.S. Constitution. These include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately Barack Hussein Obama does not share this philosophy.

If a person fails to have the insight or wisdom or fortitude that he or she will not guarantee any person the right to life in this great nation of ours, then I believe they fail not only themselves but God and country as well.

I look at what Obama has done in his life for our country. Obama has directed most of his political effort toward those people or groups of people that have best suited his political aspirations at a particular time or place. I do not see this changing if he becomes our next president.

McCain has always put Americans first. I believe his military experience in itself gives him more creditability to serve as our next president than Obama's entire life experience.

One cannot image what McCain endured or how he managed to remain loyal to our country during his many years of torture and captivity. Obama has been affiliated with some people and organizations that dislike America and what we stand for.

There is presently a lot of finger pointing going on regarding our economy. I have read newspapers articles dated from 1998 that something like the housing crisis would happen if things were not changed. I read articles by prominent Democrats that said this information was only being used as a scare tactic by lending institutions to pick and choose their customers. Some lending institutions were sued for not providing enough "affordable housing" loans to low-income people and minorities. Attorneys connected to Obama were responsible for some of these law suits.

Be careful who you vote for. It's one thing to shoot yourself in the foot but you should never aim at your head!

Tom Wulf

New Richmond