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Letter: School should be sold to add to tax base

To the Editor:

There have been discussions on a plan for a new library as they are lacking space and need to address that.

At this time it seems like the old Middle School has been considered for a site for such.

In 2005 the School District had two architects give estimates on upgrading the building to today's (2005) standards and the demo of the '26 building. The price ranged from $5 to $13 million.

The site in question encompasses five acres. If that were to happen, then add another $5 million for a library, the cost could be from $10 to $18 million.

If the school rejected it as too costly to renovate, why would the City of New Richmond consider it?

The town has two empty buildings, close to the schools, Pamida and County Market. Both have adequate parking, the buildings are already there -- the cost to remodel to suit a library would be minimal. The old library would be very adequate for a senior citizen center and a teen center, as it has three wings.

When the new High School will be built, we will have six gyms in the city of New Richmond, not including the old Middle School. Of course it will take one of the two buildings off the tax roll, but the old Middle School property would be up for sale and eventually added to the tax roll. The proceeds would help in paying for our $93 million referendum.

I am not sure if this new library location will be on a referendum, or will just library and City Council members make a decision. In the meantime, call the Board members and let them know what you think.

Pat LaVenture

New Richmond