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Letter: Write-in candidate has earned position

To the Editor:

Everyone who votes on Nov. 4 should write in the name "Geri Campbell" for St. Croix County Register of Deeds.

With 21 years of continual service in that office she is the natural and obvious choice. That is the unqualified opinion of Kay Walsh, retiring register, and of everyone who really knows Geri.

We've known her as a member of our church at Cross Lutheran in Roberts for the past 12 years, and nobody we know surpasses Geri for sheer dependability, "going the extra mile," and doing what she says she'll do.

It would be wrong if after 21 years of faithful work, she would now be denied this well deserved position because of "politics."

Cast your "write in" vote for this good woman on Nov. 4.

Pastor Dean and Linda Simpson