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Letter: Pabst is qualified, knowledgeable

To the Editor:

All candidates talk about their qualifications, what they have done and what they are going to do. But I look for more in a candidate. I want someone that cares about the people and what they feel is important.

Beth Pabst made it personal to me. She stopped by my house to talk to me but I was not home at the time. She left me a note commenting on my rain barrels. I ran into her husband a few weeks later and commented to him she had stopped by. He said he would have Beth stop back to see me so I could meet her. I thought to myself "yah right," but to my surprise she stopped two more times before she finally found me at home.

If Beth cares enough about my vote to stop that many times then I believe she is the one I want in office. It is not always about the candidates experience and qualifications that warrant them my vote. Beth earned my vote by making me feel my vote was the most important.

I wish all voters could meet Beth. She is pleasant, knowledgeable and cares about the voters. She is not a typical politician, but is like any normal, hard working person on the street. I believe an elected position should be earned and not given to someone just because they feel they deserve it or feel they are the only one. Beth Pabst earned my vote and I hope yours. Please elect Beth Pabst Nov. 4. She is qualified, experienced and she earned it.

Bill Driscoll

New Richmond