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Letter: Buckel would help steer state's future

To the Editor:

Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons, but the biggest is the colors that highlight our trees.

As I'm out walking in the evenings, I don't feel like I am enjoying fall as much this year. I feel preoccupied with news of the ever-changing economic situations that we find in every newspaper, magazine and on every newscast.

It's not the maple trees, but rather the hard times that we are all enduring that seem to be taking over a lot of my thoughts. I worry about what the future holds for my family, and I also wonder what our children will be faced with when they grow-up and have their own children.

I am concerned that we will face continued rising costs for goods and services. I also worry that we'll be faced with tax increases in order to continue to enjoy our small, beautiful and safe communities.

Because we live much closer to St. Paul, Minn. than to our own capital, I think that at times, our best interests are overlooked, and our voices are not heard in Madison.

As a parent, educator and fellow community member, I know Chris Buckel shares my concerns. With the vast challenges that our government is facing both today and in the future, I feel like it could be all too easy to overlook our needs here in western Wisconsin.

Chris is an excellent listener who will work to make a difference in Madison, while responding to the needs of our communities and community members. Chris is committed to being our voice, and making that voice heard, throughout Capitol Square.

Vote Chris Buckel for Assembly on Nov. 4. Chris will get my vote, and right after I leave my polling place, I will again take that evening walk, knowing I've just taken a step in the right direction for our future.

Stacey Claessens