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Letter: Campaign rhetoric gets tiresome

To the Editor:

Congratulations to The News for having the journalist courage to make a presidential endorsement and clearly outlining the rationale for that decision. Let the flaming begin.

I read four pages of letters in search of an original thought. My effort was nonproductive as I poured over the same vitriol as lobbed from both sides in the constant television barrage.

"Facts Not Fear," "Yard Sign Wars," "Terrorists in Alaska," "Our Nation's Only Hope..."

Come on kids, chill! The content in many letters at least provided comedic relief. Rest assured that we are not in danger of losing precious liberties because kids choose to steal yard signs. Terrorists in Alaska 30 years ago? You need not reach back that far to find militant militias in our own state. See the Posse Comitatus in Shawano County, Wis.

One writer pines "to be proud of the fact that I am American" and "I want our great country back." Shades of Mrs. Obama who for the first time in her adult lifetime is proud of her country.

A few writers even resort to ageism. One not only dutifully reminded us that Senator McCain "if elected, will be the oldest candidate ever elected president," but went on to caution that he could die of cancer while in office.

Another reminds young people that Senator McCain is 72, the (shudder) "age of their grandfather" and asks "What does your grandfather know about your life today?"

This is so absurd it is hardly merits a response. As a well-educated and informed grandfather of three, I find this insulting to grandparents everywhere. Good grief!

At the conclusion of next week's election, my life will not change. I might pay a little more or a little less in taxes. I will just be thankful that this campaign is over.

Terry Willson

New Richmond