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Letter: Welcome change vs. Democratic change

To the Editor:

Had enough change yet?

The markets have lost 3,000 points since Nov. 4's elections. No major banks have failed, Fannie and Freddie have already been taken over so the only force driving the markets down is Mr. Change himself.

Notice also the change in attitude toward economic stimulus and the national debt. When Bush Jr. suggested the rebate/economic stimulus checks to lead us out of the Clinton created crash of 1999 the Democratic Party howled at the cost and the rising Federal debt. We haven't heard a peep from the Democrats now that their Messiah is proposing stimulus checks that will give us historic national debt.

Note too the change in the terrorists attitude exemplified by the attacks in India. In a thinly veiled plan that echoes the hostage crisis in Iran the attackers were specifically looking for Americans in the luxury hotels in Mumbai. They read the organizer from South Chicago as a weak appeaser who will back down when confronted.

Now, both Bush and Big "O" talked tough after the attacks. Bush may send troops and Obama may send someone to discuss with them what an unfriendly thing they've done. We haven't had any attacks on our soil since Sept. 11 but that will likely change soon.

There's been change in our local gunshops around the nation. Firearms and ammunition are flying off the shelves. Out of stock signs litter the shelves and manufacturers can't keep up with demand. If canned goods were doing the same we'd be looking at the panic Y2K ignited. Nothing Bush or Clinton ever did sparked the fear our socialist change elect has since Nov. 4. All that in just four weeks!

There's more to come, word's out that there'll be a move to crush the dissent that is talk radio. While it will all be cleared in legality and high sounding rhetoric we may be joining Russia, Venezuela and Cuba where dissenting media outlets are summarily closed and pesky reporters wind up dead. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

There's even a nasty rumor circulating that a couple of Democrat congressmen have suggested seizing 401K IRA monies to finance the big new spending "The One" is proposing. That would indeed be spreading the wealth around.

It may sound farfetched but Clinton and his Sec. Treasury Rubin tried it back in the 90's by changing the wording in a single paragraph of the E.R.I.S.A. Laws. Thankfully the Repubs back then had enough backbone to sue and reverse the change thus sparing us the spectre of having our private retirement savings "saved" into insolvency like they've "saved" bankrupt social security. Big O's appointments have been to pick refried Clintonistas. So, what almost worked once might succeed on the second, third or fifth try.

Our government already can take private property to build a strip mall or high density housing that "greater serves the common good." Why not other assets?

I'm waiting to see if Mr. Hope and Change will turn this Democrat created economic crisis from a sharp recession into a full fledged depression. I'm also waiting to see if the Repubs can muster the moxy to prevent it. That would be a welcome change.

Jim Schroeder

New Richmond