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Letter: More pets being left at shelters

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to speak for those without a voice:

Due to the poor economy I have been reading in various articles that there is an increase in the amount of family pets that are given over to shelters. I am respectfully submitting this letter as I have recently adopted a dog from the local area humane society who was surrendered because the family could "no longer afford him."

I am aware families are making tough financial decision due to harsh economic times. However, I urge people to remember that having a pet is a life long responsibility.

Giving a family pet away must be a truly hard decision but I urge you to look at other ways of decreasing spending. For instance, do you need the latest cell phone? How many times do you go out to eat each month?

No matter what your rationale is for surrendering your pet please realize there are other options. For those of you who are able, please consider pet adoption as your way to truly do something "out of the goodness of your heart" this holiday season.

Trisha Curioz