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Letter: Obama faced with cleaning up national mess

To the Editor:

Letters are printed at the discretion of the editor and must meet our editorial standards. Letters must not exceed 300 words...

A few comments on Mr. Schroeder's Letter to the Editor that was printed last week. 534 words.

Among them: Mr. Change, Messiah, The One, Mr. Hope and Change, and my favorite, our socialist change elect. All words to mock and discredit our newly elected President.

Schroeder goes on to hint that "the word's out" and "there's a nasty rumor circulating." Incredible journalism. Gosh, I wonder how rumors spread? Give me a break.

You know what's not a rumor? More than 4,200 Americans have lost their lives for Bush's lies. More than 25,000 have been horribly wounded. And hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed.

Katrina's still one major screwed up city -- thanks Brownie. We torture prisoners and spy on citizens. Bush has the worst environmental record of any president.

I could go on and on and on but I'd like to keep this fewer than 300 words. I welcome Mr. Obama as our next president, he could not possibly do worse than our current, corrupt administration.

He has a mess to clean up and I wish him the best for all of us.

Alice Riley