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Our View: Be it resolved -

As the year 2008 draws to a close, we pause to look back -- and look to the future.

The following is a peek at the NR News resolutions for the past year and how the community scored in terms of following through. Later in our editorial, we have a 2009 resolution list.

Looking back

• We resolve to support local businesses with our shopping dollars in order to sustain a strong local economy.

Grade: B- While quite a few people try hard to keep their dollars in the local economy, still far too many travel into the Twin Cities and drop their cash at retailers there. Your dollars mean a lot to local retailers. Give them a chance.


• We resolve to be proud of our schools and our students. By supporting educators and administrators in our local school districts, the best possible outcome is achieved for the next generation.

Grade: A- With new and improved school facilities in New Richmond, the community has taken a big step toward providing a better learning environment for students. The schools in New Richmond, Somerset and St. Croix Central districts are the center of each community and folks continue to show support in a number of ways.


• We resolve to continue our support and participation in the "Front Porch Project," which has proven to be beneficial on several fronts.

Grade: A Some people thought the Front Porch Project would fade away after a year or so. It remains a strong contributor to the area community, helping to build a new Governmental Entities Network that promotes cooperation among the city, surrounding townships and the schools.


• We resolve to place an emphasis on the development of Hatfield Regional Park, in an effort to create an important gathering place for the overall community.

Grade: B- Some progress has been made on the new park facilities. Two soccer fields should be ready for use this next summer. More cooperation will be needed from neighboring municipalities if the park is to continue to progress.


• We resolve to attend the many arts-related activities now offered in and around New Richmond.

Grade: C+ Still too many locals rely on entertainment options in the Twin Cities. Empty seats at local events are a sign that more work needs to be done to draw in the local audience.


• We resolve to decide on a plan of action for the new Friday Memorial Library.

Grade: C+ Not a whole lot of progress on this matter, although some kind of decision on the Middle School property could come soon. We just have to wait and see. The Library is working to partner to create a regional facility.


• We resolve to pray for the members of Company B, our National Guard unit, who could end up in Iraq again in 2008-09.

Grade: B The local unit is poised to leave in February. Keep the soldiers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Looking ahead to 2009

• We resolve to not let the national economic recession get us down. There will be challenges ahead, but keeping a positive attitude will help in the days ahead.

• We resolve to support the cooperative efforts of the Front Porch Project and the Governmental Entities Network so that civil discourse continues in the New Richmond area.

• We resolve to join the New Richmond Area Centre (the former YMCA) in an effort to strengthen the recreational facility and ensure its financial stability.

• We resolve to support and strengthen the community's YOUth & Families Initiative and giving young people a voice in local decisions.

• We resolve to conserve energy and gas, even though prices have fallen. Our nation will be stronger if we are less dependent on foreign oil supplies.

• We resolve to provide a quality education to our kids, no matter what the cost. Budget cuts are inevitable in the coming months, but education should remain a priority.

• We resolve to step up and help those families and individuals around us who are hurting due to the down economy. If we band together, we will make it through these tough times.


What do you resolve to do this year to make these and other goals happen?