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Editorial: Many people deserving of 'Person of the Year' honor

This year's "Person of the Year" nominees were quite varied.

Among those suggested as honorees were eventual winner Bill Buell, New Richmond Mayor David Schnitzler, School Administrator Morrie Veilleux, Jerry Brown and Mary Sather.

Jennifer Dorr was also nominated for "her self-less giving and sharing and a whirlwind of positive, life-changing, nonjudgmental support."

It was noted that Dorr has volunteered for the Salvation Army, ringing bells in the freezing cold, adopting a family for the holidays, helping package gifts for those less fortunate, teaching life skills through agency seminars while working full-time and part-time jobs.

"Her job as a correctional officer is more than just a job to her," the nomination reads. "She uses opportunities to guide and teach female inmates life skills and about the world around them. She strives to help them become better prepared for entering society with the tools necessary to succeed and to open their eyes to new and wonderful things."

While we had to choose one winner for the annual recognition, the New Richmond News staff understands there are many people who make the community what it is today. Without the volunteer spirit that these people exhibit, New Richmond wouldn't have that small-town, hometown feel.

Thanks to everyone who gave of their time and financial resources to make this a better place.


The lobby of the New Richmond Area Centre was a hopping place last week as the transition from a YMCA took place.

Both members and the facility staff members were visibly excited about what was happening. The prospects for the future seemed bright.

While a number of people remain critical of the YMCA's entrance into New Richmond almost five years ago, the upgraded recreational and fitness facility is a huge asset for the community.

Truth be told, if the Friday Aquatic Center had remained independent as it was previously, New Richmond taxpayers would be spending a lot of money to keep the pool operation going. Users of just the pool likely would not be able to cover the full cost of heating and maintaining the facility. Pools and the buildings in which they are located are expensive things to operate.

With a diversified recreational facility aimed at providing something for everyone, the high expenses of the pool can be covered and the tax burden lessened.

The whole community will benefit if the Centre is a success. Be part of the effort to make the facility self-sustaining.