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Letter: More about Wisconsin deer season

To the Editor:

My recent article about the deer season in the Jan. 7 issue of the newspaper brought more than a few responses.

While I live in New Richmond half time, and the Frederic area the other half, the phone messages at my Frederic dwelling were blinking like a Christmas tree when I arrived there Jan. 11.

Although my article concentrated on Zone 15, the calls came from everywhere including Grantsburg, Dairyland, St. Croix Falls, Danbury, Ladysmith and an endless list. Each caller complained about the lack of deer sightings during the November hunt.

Then back in St. Croix County, it turns out the same results were evident, with Somerset (just to mention one), reporting a monumental downturn. Many callers were enraged that the game managers had put us in this predicament.

Most callers wanted to unite and march to their legislators with this fiasco and I agreed.

Some did not leave their number so to those who did not, I would urge them to call once again, leaving name, phone number and address. I will welcome their input and respond immediately.

They may reach me at 715-246-2408 or 715-472-2483 to plan a strategy in an attempt to reverse a policy.

Michael J. Murray

New Richmond