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Letter: Dog attack on local walking path

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday was a beautiful winter day, and I was eager to get home and take my Jack Russell Terrier out for a walk after work.

We are fortunate enough to live right on the walking path, and we use it at least once every day.

We were nearing the intersection of 140th Street and GG when an enormous, unleashed black dog came charging at us. The dog immediately went for my Jack Russell. It grabbed her and violently shook her by her throat.

After a few minutes of my dog whimpering and my screaming and crying for help, my dog was somehow able to squirm out of her collar. She ran the half mile home collarless and scared for her life.

Immediately upon returning home, I filed a police report. I can't imagine what would have happened if I would have had children with me. After all, I see children on this walking path every day walking to and from school.

Also, I know of at least one other occasion in which this same dog caused injuries so serious that the other dog needed stitches. As mad as I am about this particular dog, it angers me that after five days, nothing has been done to prevent this from happening again.

I'm asking that those who are responsible for keeping our city safe do all that they can to prevent this dog and any dog from attacking again. I'm also asking dog owners to use extra precaution when letting your dog outside.

If you live in town and especially if you live on or near a walking path, please tie your dog up. Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a beautiful winter day by walking their dog, knowing they will be safe.

Katie Tate

New Richmond