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Letter: Is school best option for library?

To the Editor:

Who is Patrick Overton? He was here to promote the new school and now he is back to promote a new library using the old middle school.

Who is paying Patrick Overton to come here from Colorado? He did a good job of promoting a new $93 million school. He did a good job, as the people had a vote. While the school is building, the foreclosures are increasing, people are moving away. Leaves the rest of us to pick up the difference.

I guess the people do not have a vote in where the new library will be, but will be let up to the several town boards. So now, Patrick Overton is back again talking to the town boards. While he said before, the middle school building was a dilapidated old unusable building, he is telling the town boards that it would be a great spot for a library. Again, who is paying Patrick Overton?

The long range planning committee had ATS&R, (the architect that did the plan for new school) do a report on the cost of remodeling and bringing the old school up to grade. That report convinced the long range planning committee to vote for a new school, as the cost to upgrade was not cost effective.

Now Patrick Overton has reversed that report. He thinks that it would be a good idea for the city to take over the dilapidated building and spend lots of money to remodel it and cost to remove other buildings.

Did Patrick mention that two buildings, Pamida and County Market, were available near schools and much newer than the property he is promoting?

Patrick did not fly in here for fun. Someone is paying him. Who? I guess when we see who, we will see why he has promoted the school and now the library.

Not many people attend their town board meetings. Now it would be a great time to go. There is a lot going on there that will affect your wallet. Your town board does not call you up and ask your opinion, you elected them and they will make a choice at each meeting.

Taxpayers who are left here to pick up the pieces should be aware of who the promoters are. Are they from New Richmond? Do they pay taxes here? If not, then why and who is paying them to come here?

Pat LaVenture

New Richmond

(Editor's note: Patrick Overton is from Oregon. The Front Porch Project is made possible by private donations and through funding from the New Richmond Community Foundation.)