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Letter: Obama appointees

To the Editor:

The selection of political appointees to the presidential cabinet and government agencies gives us an insight to why the Democrats don't mind raising taxes: they don't pay them.

With the arrogance of Leona Helmsly who famously said something to the effect that only fools pay taxes, B.O.'s appointees turn out to be tax cheats who don't feel obligated to pay the taxes they've imposed on you and me.

B.O. promised that if you get a pay check you'll be getting a tax cut. Sounds good until you find out he won't be reducing your withholding, his "tax cut" is burrowed money he expects to recoup with tax (real) increases when the recession burns out.

George Bush gave the working man and woman real tax cuts. True to form the Democrats are going to take more from working families. That is change you can believe in.

Jim Schroeder

New Richmond