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Letter: Taxes to fund later term abortion

To the Editor:

Do you know what your tax dollars are funding?

On Feb. 6, the Madison Surgery Center Board of Directors gave unanimous final approval for second-trimester murder/abortion of babies that are 19-22 weeks gestation.

These children will be terminated by dilation and extraction (D&E), the standard abortion method used after 13 weeks whereby the cervix is dilated and the unborn child is dismembered with plier-like forceps.

Force is needed to pull the baby apart. How sad we are when an animal is injured or cruelly killed. We have laws against cruelty to animals. We do not have laws against dismembering preborn babies that are still alive in their mother's wombs, so long as we call it "choice" or "abortion."

Our tax dollars will be funding these child murders. Peggy Hamill of Pro-Life Wisconsin ( stated: "Not only will the UW and Meriter be engaged in killing almost viable and viable pre-born babies, they will now be training medical students in this grisly practice and exporting them to cities and towns throughout the country. When medical schools teach students how to kill, it is a failure of academia. The body parts of babies killed at the Madison Surgery Center will likely be used for UW research projects. This practice was condemned after the Holocaust. Using the bodies of innocent human beings for experimentation is a failure of science."

We "judge" those who did nothing to stop the Holocaust. How do we judge ourselves? How will God judge us?

Darla Meyers