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Letter: Roberts follows proper procedures

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter published in the New Richmond News last week from the former Roberts police chief.

As the wife of current Village President Eric Fisher, I have to admit Prein is right on a couple of points.

First, every vote counts and everyone who is eligible should exercise their right to vote.

Second, Prein effectively illustrated that there was a thorough process to prove a case, rather than a single independent decision. He clearly proved that our current village president allowed the proper political procedure.

Communities are strong and successful when issues are handled democratically before a board of elected representatives, rather than an independent decision of one leader.

I whole-heartedly encourage Roberts residents to support Eric in the upcoming election. Eric is informed about issues and is willing to include those who are interested in being part of the solution.

When people call with a complaint, Eric listens, explains options, and encourages the caller to attend a meeting of the board or committee that deals with the particular issue if they need further action. To my knowledge, he has never degraded the person for complaining or shoved the issue under a rug. He understands that this community deserves to be led by a board of elected representatives and not just the opinion of one person.

Eric has confidence and fortitude. He won't hide from a problem, even if it results in a personal attack on him.

For example, he has been berated for wearing a military uniform - even when he is on military orders. His military status was attacked during his employment as a patrol officer in Roberts. At one point, he was even ordered, in writing, to explain precisely why he felt the village needed to allow him to work a "second job" in reference to his military obligation.

As Prein alluded to in his letter, a federal agency was indeed notified at that time to explain military leave law. Eric was on orders during the week of the Police Review Board Hearing. He wore his uniform the first day of the hearing on the chance he might make it to Fort Snelling for part of the day.

By noon, it was evident he would not make it to base that day or the next, so he made other arrangements and didn't wear the uniform the second day of the hearing. Eric was actually subpoenaed by both sides for that hearing. He missed two days of military training to honor those subpoenas, even though he ultimately was not called by either attorney.

The result is that Eric has been slandered -- verbally and now in writing -- accused of wearing a uniform for other than military purposes and for refusing to testify, when in reality neither attorney called him to the stand. While I'm sure those false accusations hurt, Eric is committed to allowing the democratic process to work regardless of the criticism against him personally.

Eric's character is strong and ethical. He is committed to his responsibilities and prioritizes his schedule to fully serve to the best of his ability. Yes, he makes mistakes like all of us. However, after 23 years of marriage, I can personally attest that he is a devoted husband and father and an ethical leader. When he is not at work or at a village meeting, he is helping our son's Boy Scout troop, working with a church event, or attending a 4-H or school function.

Eric's heart is dedicated to developing a strong community that is respected; a place we are all proud to call home and are eager to build businesses; a small town with a big heart where our kids can play safely, have access to great books, and develop strong characters.

I'm voting for Eric -- not because he's my husband -- but because he is the best candidate to foster a Good Neighbor Community for all citizens. I encourage eligible citizens to get out and vote on April 7.

Carrie Fisher