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Letter: Incumbent board has done good job

To the Editor:

Spring elections will soon be here and candidates for the Town of Hammond Board will be asking for your vote.

If they promise to lower your real estate taxes, you may want to ask how they're going to do that, since the town board has no control over the lottery credit (the state does) nor the portion going to support the local schools (the voters, the school board and the state does) nor the portion going to support WITC nor the portion going to support the county operations.

The portion for running the Town of Hammond is the smallest portion of your real estate tax bill and is the only part for which the town board has control. Ask them what services they plan to cut to reduce your taxes.

The current board of Ken Peterson, chair; Lory Hawkins, supervisor; Greg Gillis, supervisor; Kathy Guski, treasurer; and Linda Hawkins, clerk; have the experience for effectively managing the Town of Hammond's business, especially as it has changed from primarily a rural town to a rural and residential town.

As proof of their effectiveness, the tax mill rate apportioned to run the town this year is unchanged.

We urge you to vote for them in the April spring election.

Ron and Glenda Pratt

Town of Hammond