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Letter: Former Roberts chief responds to letter

To the Editor:

(In response to letter from Carrie Fisher.)

Stop it. Stop the continual smoke screen.

I would first like to make one thing perfectly clear with respect to you, once again trying to make me out and/or creating the image that I am "anti-military." Any and all questions that have ever arisen were brought upon by your spouse himself; through his actions, and statements to the citizenry and village employees. You may want to check that out, as those documents are now public record. Your use of the word "berating" must have come straight from the village "investigator/prosecutor" book on interrogation. Or maybe he got it from you.

In regards to the wearing of a military uniform during the Police Review Board hearing -- you are either getting false information or, once again, someone had "difficulty hearing."

The truth be known, my legal counsel wished to have the hearing postponed as to not interfere with any military obligations. Even the east end of horse traveling west knows that military duty would take precedent. However, the village legal counsel and the powers that be would not agree to do so. I guess you didn't explain the urgency of his military status to those folks.

Also, he was not "subpoenaed by both sides" as you state. He was subpoenaed by village legal counsel. We truly felt that he, being one one of the main complaining participants, would certainly be put on the stand. They didn't and we therefore couldn't conduct any examination. Nowhere in my letter does it state that he refused to testify.

You yourself were subpoenaed to testify by my side, in part to clarify under oath some of the behind the scenes shenanigans and in part for impeachment purposes.

I have said what I said, and I am not going to banter back and forth with you. I make my statements based on factual information.

And with respect to your charge of "The result is Eric has been slandered..." All concerned may want to take a step back and ponder the word "slander"; the damage and repercussions of.

Ricci Prein