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Letter: Dalton proves he has heart of gold

To the Editor:

It seems the New Richmond News chose to give some bad publicity to one of the nicest guys who ever walked the streets of Hammond by writing a headline and three columns about Dave Dalton's accident and court case, and that's just what it was - an accident!

Your same paper reported approximately 11 other accidents, 94 other court cases and 190 jail bookings that didn't merit headlines at all.

The article should have reported that Dave's the one that takes care of the needs of his handicapped father and aging mother every day. He will have no trouble fulfilling his community service.

He had a hand in having helped with the building of our nice town hall and is striving to help with the street improvements in town among other worthwhile community events.

He is an educated, good looking, talented man with a heart of gold.

I could get 50 more signatures on this, but no one knows him better than I do. I'm his mom!

Carolyn Dalton