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Letter: Doboy name fades and Bosch emerges

To the Editor:

Since 2004, Doboy has been a part of Bosch Packaging Technology. Within the Bosch organization, we have grown and developed considerably while forging strong connections with other Bosch companies.

In order to better reflect the globally integrated nature of our business, we changed our company name to Bosch Packaging Technology Inc. effective April 2. The new name makes our full integration into Bosch Packaging Technology transparent, emphasizing our ability to offer one-stop-shopping solutions and highlighting our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Given our long history of excellence going back many generations in New Richmond, I realize there may be questions about this change. But it is good news for us and for the surrounding community as well. Bosch is reinforcing its long term commitment to invest in our business by bringing us under the brand umbrella, and we will continue to thrive as part of Bosch's North American operations and continue to maintain a strong presence in the community.

This change comes with significant benefits. As a Bosch company, we offer one of the broadest packaging portfolios in the world. Our customers and partners now better understand they have access to the global infrastructure and innovative technology that comes with a multinational organization like Bosch.

The name also strengthens our market presence as we continue to benefit from the Bosch Group's global reputation, visibility and broad presence in several industries.

Pres Lawhon

President, Bosch Packaging Technology