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Letter: Nemec supports school causes

To the Editor:

(Response to Bert Krue-ger's "beggar" letter.))

Bert, your description and characterization of Brad Nemec of being a beggar is an abuse! Webster's definition of a beggar is "one who asks for his own livelihood." What has Brad gained for helping out while supporting the many causes? Brad is offering an opportunity for others involvement and to be benevolent with their time and resources! There is a big difference between donation and taxation!

Brad Nemec is a community member, educator, mentor, advocate and strong leader among other things who has championed many causes that have benefited this town and the youth in it. These efforts have paid huge dividends both yesterday, today and for the years and decades to follow. How does any of this benefit his livelihood?

Your inference to Brad for being someone that has begged off of the community, township and village is a spiel. The spiel in your sell of the educators, administrators, school board and others for not being in touch with the realities of the "real costs" in today's economic condition is a ruse. Mr. Krueger you agree with Webster's definition of education as "imparting and acquiring knowledge while developing basic reasoning and judgment skills." How about a bit more reason? Obviously you are confused and I would like to help clear a few things up. I'm not asking that you sit in the front row or that you agree with anything, but that you just try and acquire a bit more knowledge before being critical of the education and value of our children's future!

Back in the early 80s I worked for the Dayton Hudson Corp. and upon leaving work one night there on the street in downtown St. Paul, Minn. were the usual beggars asking for a little money (pocket change). This would be a constant every night. One evening a woman named Irene asked for some pocket change. I had to decline the request because I had put all my change on the dresser earlier in the day. I said to Irene "if you meet me here at the same time the next night I would give her some extra change then." She looked at me and said, "That's OK there are over 360,000 other people in town, I'll ask someone else." Irene had a much broader view than your everyday regular kind of beggar. Irene was a numbers and opportunities beggar. She had a "Beggar Picture!" She knew there was always someone else to ask, but she was still just a beggar.

Brad Nemec has not gained anything for his extra time and involvement for the benefits and functions he has been involved with. Brad Nemec is just like any land owner that has invested so much time all while seeing the possibilities ahead and the fruits of the labors while developing the land into a more profitable venture. The kids are a big responsibility and a very important investment. The development of our youth requires an arena of formulas including the classroom, theatre, arts, music and sports activities just to name a few. There are many steps in the development and building of any parcel as you probably know. What happens today with the development and education process of our children will affect generations to come. You referred to the schools as a place that has or will have the storage space for all the "pork barrels because of the spending." The soccer fields are not a waste! It's funny how when our kids are attending school their future is the most important thing to us; but when they leave and it's someone else that has kids, you call it a waste! Bert, let's try and get the bigger or "Beggar Picture" and see that there are a lot more people out there than just you and me. There even may be someone out there that has some seed, fence or any other resource that could be donated to the soccer fields! Thank you.

Jerrold Sullivan