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Letter: Giving credit where credit was not asked for

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Bert Krueger's highly irresponsible public accusation toward Brad Nemec, comparing him to a bank robber and a beggar for soliciting donations for athletic programs.

I do not know Mr. Krueger and I have only met Mr. Nemec on a couple of occasions, but to compare Mr. Nemec (who is also our municipal judge) to a bank robber, just because he has unselfishly devoted a great deal of personal time and expense to the betterment of our children and our community, is just wrong.

You see, in order for a "donation" to take place, one person must ask and one person must voluntarily give. I think the asking is the hardest part. But the giving is further evidence of the generosity of our community. To insult Mr. Nemec is to insult those who have worked so hard to make our children's lives better, for no personal gain.

If this "waste of taxpayer money" disgusts you, where were you when our village was giving away $9,000 sewer credits and telling our fire chief that he can just forget the $10,000 earned for protecting a local business?

Maybe we wouldn't have "beggars" in our streets if our government would stop giving away and wasting taxpayer money!

It is sad that the only people in our community who get any respect are those who sit around drinking at the local bar all day and night (great role models!) or those who only have "benefits" to benefit themselves and their businesses, while the people who unselfishly make good things happen (for no personal gain or publicity), get compared to criminals.

Shame on you Mr. Krueger!

Lauren Stephens