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Letter: Few answers concerning big vote

To the Editor:

I recently attended a listening session with Congressman Ron Kind, D, WI, 3rd District. I asked a few questions, not sure if I can remember them all though and I know I am not remembering verbatim the whole conversation, but it went something like this:

I asked how he was able to read/comprehend the Economic Recovery Act of 2009. He advised that he had weeks to read and that it was posted on the Internet 24 hours before it was voted on.

I also asked him why, when he responded to my e-mail asking that same question, he didn't answer that question in his return e-mail. He didn't really give me an answer.

He further advised that there were no earmarks in the Economic Recovery Act of 2009. I asked well what about the mouse in California monies and the amusement park being built in Louisiana. He reiterated that there were no earmarks in the act and it was up to the states as to how they wanted to spend it.

I asked him of the number of constituents that contacted him what was the percentage that asked him to vote for and against the Economic Recovery Act of 2009. He advised that he didn't know off the top of his head.

I asked him if I could call his office tomorrow morning and get that information. He says they don't track that.

I said if you don't track that kind of information, then how can you say you are representing the citizens of the third district. And anyway don't you have staff that takes care of that? How many staff members do you have? He advised that we could talk more after the meeting...

Unfortunately, I think I just got dumber by attending his listening session.

Debbie Bierman