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Letter: We should use resources to help

To the Editor:

It is sad for me to read yet more negative comments about our county nursing home.

Even when citizens voted 2-to-1 to keep the home operational, there are still those ready and willing to sling mud at any perceived opportunity.

Those who complain employees get too much are not the same people who will tell you the contracted management was paid four times more than in-house employees - all monies going to an out-of-state company.

Secondly, these folks will never talk about the low staff turnover at our nursing home. The State of Wisconsin has stated low staff turnover equates to higher quality care. Keeping quality people is a must, especially where residents are so vulnerable in an industry where neglect, abuse and revolving door staffing are common.

Thirdly, neither will they mention the times the county's nursing home staff have taken pay freezes in the past to help contain costs showing how much they care for their residents. How could anyone say those workers are "selfish!?" I challenge them to walk in their shoes for a day.

As far as the comments about subsidizing the non-indigent residents - nothing was mentioned about the potential loss of revenues by losing these residents. It puts well over $1 million in revenues at risk if we omit these residents from the mix. Monies needed from taxpayers to fund a 100 percent indigent facility would be substantially higher than is needed now.

Those entrusted to elected office have a responsibility to represent their constituents' views. The public has spoken on this issue.

Luke 12 tells us God owns everything and we are simply stewards of what He has given us, accountable to do our Lord's business. Using our resources to help the needy is what Christ was all about. We are our brother's keeper.

Kim Dupre