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Letter: Irresponsible spending is at issue

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Jerrold Sullivan and Lauren Stephens for their letters. It certainly enhances the fact that more basic education is needed, and you don't get that on a soccer field. You have missed my point entirely or choose to ignore it by your "whitewash."

First of all, I have nothing but respect for Mr. Nemec and I agree that he is doing a great job, but I definitely fault him and the school for the irresponsible spending of taxpayers' money at this time. With so many taxpayers losing their jobs, people getting laid off, taxpayers on moderate fixed incomes or very limited incomes, with the price of the products we have to buy increasing, it is quite obvious that you, along with Mr. Nemec and the school don't care how many people get taxed out of their homes at this time for "fun and games." At this time, no one in their wildest imagination can honestly justify three soccer fields as a priority.

I have never said sports and other extracurricular events were not important. At this time we cannot afford any more "fun and games."

With the school already getting 54 percent of our tax dollars (this figure was given to me by a Somerset Township board member) and then they come around asking for more, I'm sorry Mr. Sullivan, if that isn't begging what is?

I don't know what the school motto is, but, it should be changed to something that would be more appropriate like "54 and let's get more!"

And Lauren Stephens, my comment that more basic education is needed, your letter was a prime example of that. It is evident that you can read and write but it is quite evident that you do not understand what you read.

I did not compare, accuse, insinuate or even suggest that Mr. Nemec is a bank robber. I definitely would not insult him in this or any other manner. He is a very respected and honorable man-just mixed up in his priorities. In fact in all fairness to Mr. Nemec, as athletic director, his job is to enhance the athletic program, but this is definitely not the time to do it. We all have our pet projects, but sometimes they have to be put on the back burner for a time, especially if it is going to create a hardship for a lot of people.

What I implied was a comparison of tactics used, all together different, but used to get the same result-attempting to justify their actions. I did not accuse anyone of being a "bank robber." The school uses "we have to have this," regardless of the consequences to justify their irresponsible spending. The bank robbers say "I was hungry" to justify their reason for robbing a bank.

And, Gosh! Gee Whiz! Golly Wilikers! Lauren Stephens I am amazed about all the knowledge you are implying you have about all of those who sit around drinking day and night. I am the first to admit I enjoy going to a bar for an hour or so, once or twice a week and having a beer or two and visiting with my friends, but I am sorry, Lauren Stephens, that is all I can afford-I have exorbitant taxes to pay.

It is a real shock to hear that there are so many people who do the dastardly thing you care implying. I am wondering how you obtained all of this knowledge you implied you have. The only logical and realistic answer as to how you could of gleaned all of this information is---you must be one of them?

Shame on you Lauren Stephens.

Bert Krueger