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LETTER: Farm Bureau opposes climate change bills

To the Editor:

The climate change bills in Congress will have a negative impact on agriculture and the entire U.S. economy.

The House and Senate climate change bills would impose higher energy and food costs on consumers, raise fuel, fertilizer and energy costs for farmers, and shrink the American agricultural sector, resulting in reduced U.S. food production.

Under the cap-and-trade bills, all families will pay higher energy costs, which, according to the Department of Energy, could grow by $1,870 per household. Combined with higher costs for food, the additional yearly hit on families would total about $2,300 per household.

Our farmers will be faced with making the choice of converting farmland into forests for greenhouse gas reduction or providing food for this country and the world. This shift in land use will hurt consumers at the grocery store. Food costs could rise by up to an average of $33 billion annually by 2020 and up to $51 billion annually by 2030 as a result of this legislation.

"Don't Cap Our Future" is the message that Farm Bureau members across Wisconsin will be sending our U.S. Senators because the climate legislation is a bad deal for our country.

Dave Kruschke

St. Croix County

Farm Bureau president