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LETTER: Weeping willow logo should be retained

To the Editor:

The majestic "weeping willow" and the adage "The City Beautiful:" Why would we wander from a saying so true, according to New Richmond history?

One of our grand matriarchs, Stella (Taiweh) McNally, a New Richmond Parks donor, won a contest many years ago in submitting the saying "The City Beautiful" with the weeping willow as the tree to represent the city so well.

When you enter from all four directions to see the "Welcome to New Richmond, The City Beautiful" monuments, and the recent Doar Prairie Restoration dedication, you can see inscribed in limestone the saying "The City Beautiful" that should be retained or resurrected.

I'm certainly not opposed to change, but when the Streetscape Committee hires a graphic artist to come to our town for a new concept to attract people and businesses and comes up with a saying "Actively Inviting, Naturally Authentic," large advertising companies and our forefathers and early settlers would be astounded with such whimsical aberrations.

Please retain the "weeping willow" logo on all letterhead, stationery, shirts, jackets, welcome signs, etc.

Bill Driscoll

New Richmond