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LETTER: Transformation is not always a good idea

To the editor:

Shortly before the election of 2008, candidate Obama declared that his election would usher in "a fundamental transformation of America."

The desirability of such a transformation is questionable; it would entail the wiping away of many traces of American exceptionalism. It would turn this country into a copy of the social-democratic regimes of Western Europe. This is the issue at the heart of our politics today.

And in the long run, I hope and trust, Americans will reject such a transformation, and elect instead to return to the principles that have made this nation so exceptional. A force for good both at home and abroad.

The liberal community seems to think that the rest of the world would be better off without a strong United States, or at least with it following the policy of "leading from behind." Most conservatives do not believe that a radical descent of American power, the dollar or influence would be good for us or for the world.

Years ago hardly anyone questioned the idea that, for better or worse, the United States of America was different from all other nations. This is not surprising, since the things that made us different were quite evident from the day of its inception. Just to mention a few of them.

First of all, unlike all other nations past or present, this one accepted as a self-evident truth "that all men are created equal". They were willing to put it in writing and strive toward that end. What other nation has ever done that?

Secondly, in all other countries citizenship was a matter of birth and ancestry. Foreigners who were admitted for one reason or another could never become full-fledged members of the society. Not so in this country.

Thirdly, in all other nations, there were no rights to private property, but in this country it was encouraged. We need to pay attention to what the views of the candidates are on protecting private property rights.

Is America exceptional? Yes it is; when comparing us to other forms of ideologies such as Socialism, Communism, and all its forms Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Progressivism, etc. that only lead to misery and class conflict.

Bill Blair