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LETTER: Well, here we go again

To the Editor:

I am sure many of you watched the debates between Biden and Ryan, and Obama and Romney, on TV and observed the continued lies and disrespect Vice President Biden displayed on national television by smirking and interrupting Paul Ryan when it was his turn to speak.

Biden stated that they were not informed of the request for more security at the embassy, which is a down right lie, which killed the ambassador plus others ... and then them blaming it on a video which proved false.

But this is just the norm for this administration. It has always been the name game, yes, always blame "someone else for everything." They will never answer the difficult questions because the truth will destroy them. This is not just the first catastrophe this administration has mislabeled to the American people and it won't be the last.

This administration will throw even their own officials under the bus. We all know Hilary Clinton was thrown under the bus by stating, I take full blame for the attack on the Libya incident."

I won't even attempt to list all the disasters because the list would be so long that the editor would have no room on the page to print it. Please, if you really love the United States of America, don't take anything this administration tells you at face value. Do extensive research because, if you love your loved ones, the United States of America and want to protect them, it is imperative to verify everything.

I have went door to door asking permission to put a political sign(s) in people's yards and am surprised when I ask them, for example, "Who is George Soros," and the answer is "I don't know."

This man is on the television, radio, in the newspapers, etc. numerous times, is a very weathy man, has bankrupted several countries financially, is a devout Socialist and is a very large contributor (millions) to the Obama administration.

When asking other political questions, they don't have "any" clue. Please, our country's future is at stake and after all the destruction this administration has done to America, our citizens should do an extensive research of statements made by each candidate to see if they are correct or just blowing smoke.

Remember, it is you and your family/friends whose future is at stake. Remember the old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

I'm not going into depth on other questions pertaining to the survival of America, but the majority of answers were, "I don't know."

Very, very frightening. Please, please do your homework. God bless America and see you at the polls.

@sig:Ed Knops

@ln:New Richmond