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LETTER: America deserves better

To The Editor:

Before you cast your vote in this very crucial election you need to know the truth about the facts surrounding the attack of the US Consulate and killing of the US Ambassador and three others in Libya on 9/11.

Leading up to the attack U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens had requested more security personnel on several occasions. The consulate had been attacked several times previous to 9/11, and on one occasion a hole was blown through the outer wall allowing access inside.

By summer the situation in Libya had gotten so dangerous that the Red Cross and British Embassy had closed and left the country. However, this administration refused Ambassador Stevens request for more security, and in fact his security personnel was reduced to one guard in order to give the illusion of normalcy in U.S. relations with Libya.

On the night of the attack the ambassador and his guard both called for help on their cell phones as the attack began. The CIA requested assistance three times and all three requests were denied.

The White House Situation Room received video from drones above the consulate in real time showing the attack as it unfolded. Shortly after the attack began they received emails informing them that a terrorist group, with connections to Al Queda, was claiming responsibility for the attack.

There were U.S. security forces nearby ready to assist and could have arrived within an hour, possibly saving the four lives that were lost, but the administration did nothing.

So the questions arise:

-- Why did the Commander-In-Chief, Secretary Of State, and the entire administration insist for two weeks that this attack was a mob action precipitated by an anti-Mohammed video posted on You Tube that almost no one had seen? The president even spoke in front of the UN referring to the video as the cause of the attack seven times in the speech. There was no mob; it was a pre-planned, highly organized attack.

-- Why was our Embassy in Libya not protected on the anniversary of 9-11?

-- Why was help withheld during the seven-hour attack when there is proof the administration knew what was happening in real time.

-- Why was the FBI not allowed to inspect the compound for two weeks following the attack, being told it was too dangerous, while news reporters were able to gain access, finding Ambassador Steven's journal, and leaving open the opportunity for our enemies to retrieve classified information?

-- Why did President Obama leave the White House for a fundraiser in California as the situation was unfolding?

-- Why has the media, with the exception of Fox News, largely downplayed or ignored this extremely serious mishandling and deception by the Obama administration of such a major terrorist attack on the United States? The lack of reporting on this extremely important national security story shows gross negligence on the part of the main-stream media. Could it be that they are deliberately covering up for the president in this highly contested presidential campaign? Or are they thinking that this is not news?

There is so much more to this tragic story that you are not hearing in the news. Please inform yourself, and demand that the media report the truth.

Four brave Americans died in a U.S. Embassy in the service of their country. This president is guilty of lying to the nation by blaming the attack on a video for two weeks, and he is negligent and grossly incompetent by severely mismanaging the situation.

This is unacceptable. This president does not deserve reelection and America deserves better!

Diane Rust