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LETTER: Lyme season extends into autumn

To the Editor:

It is Sunday evening as I write this letter, and one needs to know that the tick season is not over yet.

As a member of our Amery area Lyme Support Group, I have had the opportunity to receive telephone calls and e-mails over the years from those individuals who wish to know more about Lyme disease. Today was no different.

I heard from a woman in Lino Lakes, Minn., whose brother and his two sons were out hunting today and each of the three had ticks that were embedded. They went to their local emergency room to have them removed. The father and one of the son's discovered red rings had already appeared around the area of the bite. Wow.

Lyme disease can be one of the most devastating illnesses there is, if not treated correctly, and in a timely manner. There is much to be learned about Lyme, including how to prevent tick bites, and what to do when you are bitten.

This coming Thursday evening, Oct. 27, we will be holding our final Lyme Support Group meeting of this year. We meet in Amery at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 217 Deronda St. at 7 p.m. (We use the entrance facing County Road F). Our next meeting won't be held until the fourth Thursday of the month, in March of 2013.

During the winter months, if you have any questions about Lyme disease, you may e-mail the following persons, (keeping in mind they all have full time jobs and are gone during the day): Bonnie Fox at, Paula Warner at, and Sue McElfresh at

May each of you have a "Lyme-free" season, and as a friendly reminder keep in mind when cleaning your "catch" to check yourself for ticks, and to keep your hunting clothes outside of the house.

Ann Krisik