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LETTER: Vote for the direction of our country

To the Editor:

The election is less than a week away. The two presidential candidates are on opposite sides of most issues whether it be the economy, abortion, defense spending, etc. America is a nation divided. The media is no longer a reliable source for political news and many people have no idea what the truth is.

Big government believes it can now govern our moral values and outlaw or dictate our religious policies. Christian values are on a steep decline.

So-called "medical professionals" have killed more than 55 million babies on the premise of choice and for profit. Many Christians seem to not have a problem with this. Prayer in America has now been replaced by "moments of silence."

Many public schools, private businesses and government offices are afraid to use the word "Christmas." I have been told it might offend someone... and we just accept that.

Wisconsin is in the middle of the election battle this year. We all need to vote and to vote for what is right for America and for our future generations. And when you vote, please remember this: What is morally wrong cannot be politically correct.

Tom Wulf

New Richmond