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LETTER: 'Scotts' should get out of politics

To the Editor:

If you are a Republican with the name "Scott" you should maybe get out of politics.

Soon to be former Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts did not represent his constituents and instead constantly voted with his Tea Party pals which were against any and all Obama proposal's to get our economy back on its feet. In 2013 he will be looking for a new job.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida did everything possible to suppress the voting rights of thousands of his states citizens to no avail. His radical agenda regarding charter schools, which he tried to force through the state legislature so his pal Jeb Bush and family could make millions, did not pass. His rules regarding early voter registration, voter identification, verification of residence, shorter time for early voting, etc. did not help his party and will hopefully be a factor in removing him from office next election.

And we all know the situation here in Wisconsin. Our Republican Gov. Scott Walker has this state so divided that if he had a backyard barbecue every week for the rest of his term he could not re-unite the citizens. Even Romney avoided being seen with him during his presidential campaign. The way he treated the state employees and our teachers has come back to haunt him.

He could have accomplished most of what he wanted had he gone about it in a civil way but no, he had to show his power and loyalty to his out-of-state contributors and completely ignore the 49 percent of state residents that did not vote for him. Hopefully in two years he will be out of office also.

People in this country (and state) have had enough of "Scotts" for a while.

Mike O'Connell

New Richmond