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LETTER: Really, another auto parts store?

To the Editor:

Dear taxpayers and registered voters of the City Beautiful, New Richmond, Wis.

Sometimes I attend city council meetings here in town, open to the public once a month. At one of those meetings I was under the impression that city officials were going to allow another auto parts store in town.

The location of the auto parts store, in my understanding, would be built on the corner of Fourth Street and South Knowles. That's a vacant lot in the heart of town.

That lot has been utilized for all sorts of doings, such as extra parking off of main street and selling produce from our neighboring farmers and much more.

Putting all that aside, the site in question, to me, is prime real estate and should not be subject to auto parts.

I, as hundreds of you, welcome new business here in town. But new business means just that - not another auto parts store in New Richmond. There are already two major auto parts suppliers that service New Richmond and surrounding towns.

I feel that adding a third would be a wrong economic move for the growth and wealth of our community. I don't see the demand for another auto parts store to open in New Richmond.

Next to Pete's Pizza here in town an auto parts store closed years ago and, to this day, the building stays vacant.

Your opinions are strongly suggested. Email me at

Kenneth Krohn

New Richmond