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LETTER: Secession plans ... but from whom?

To the Editor:

Now that the elections are over and we lost, a lot of people who are legitimately angry are heading off to Gilligan's Island. "Of those poor people."

I think there is more to just wandering off into the desert to start your own country, after all Israel was started that way and their neighbors didn't care for it much. So unless you want to start a really big church or a new scout camp the size of Montana, you might want to consider scaling back a bit. The natives can be quite hostile.

First, where would you go? OK, you want to make the state a nation and surround it with a lot of other nations who will defend your borders, but would they? Remember, the enemy is all around us, not just at the ballot box.

You would have to start a movement, get signatures, get the referendum on the ballot in a state where a heck of a lot of people don't want to kill the golden welfare goose, not to mention Social Security. One thing to consider, Israel became a country in May of 1948. That was 64 year ago and how well has it turned out for them? All they want is to have their neighbors stop shooting the place up.

There's an old adage from the Vietnam era, "You can't believe how nasty an 18-year-old can be until you put him in uniform, give him a gun, and send him off to war." And war is what you would get.

If you think it's just one political philosophy over another you might be mistaken. Yes, Washington and those who work there already live in another country, or possibly another planet and what need to be done isn't getting done. Don't feel bad, it's only been like that for the last 230 years.

What might work is secession from the federal government and the reintroduction of States Rights, which include property rights. Something nobody has had for a long time. Now the states like Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, on the other hand, are still somewhat less dependent on Uncle Sam's check.

By making these states free enterprise zones with no federal taxes and release form any and all federal regulations, not laws, then true capitalism might flourish. When you think of all the redundancy of government it's almost as if America is run by two different and opposing bodies.

For example, state DNR never gets along with federal DNR, but the state agency wouldn't have to worry because they live here, not Washington. It would be then that tax regulations could be rewritten to favor the individual, rather than those who don't pay taxes because it would be on a much smaller scale.

More business would come into these states along with real workers, not those who want to live off of others. A state requirement would be you have to live and work in the state for a number of years before you qualify for state aid, and only for a while, not the rest of your life.

In some ways secession has already started. That really bad Gov. Walker told the fed to take a walk when it came to creating Obamacare exchanges. I know it's bad, but he saved us millions in health care costs.

Secession is a very tricky thing because, "everything is connected to everything else." So you know who said that, Vladimir Lenin?

Robert Pike

New Richmond