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LETTER: Federal power needs to be restricted

To the Editor:

In 1971 a Stanford professor created a mock prison and filled it with test subjects as both guards and inmates.

The "Stanford Prison Experiment" results were so horrific and the conditions became so bad so fast the two-week study was cut off on day six by the studies professor, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

The participants of the study were all rigorously screened for mental disorders and criminal history. These were good clean kids, so how did everything get so bad so fast?

As Dr. Zimbardo puts it, "There were a few guards who hated to see the prisoners suffer...The interesting thing is none of the good guards ever intervened in the behavior of the guard who gradually became more and more sadistic over time." A startling reflection of our leaders I'm sure.

Good people of Wisconsin, there is a cancer in our nation's capital on both sides of the aisle; and they are driving the bus.

Gov. Scott Walker was right to reject Obamacare's insurance exchange. In fact, every action from our legislature needs to declare in a loud clear voice, "We are the sovereign State of Wisconsin and we will stand and protect the rights and freedoms of our citizens," because that's about all there is standing between you, and tyranny.

Go watch the documentary on YouTube and begin to understand why the restrictions on federal power in the Constitution needs to be followed again. The first step is term limits and that's going to mean a Constitutional Congress. Since the powers that be are unlikely to restrict their own power, it's going to have to come from the states.

You might want to repeal the 16th Amendment while you're at it. 17th too.

Robert Burke

Town of Hudson