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LETTER: A feel-good story of holiday cheer

To the Editor:

For your readers. True story:

Dear kind man.

This is a note to tell you of the far reaching joy your generosity provided.

My wife suffers from multiple auto immune disorders. That makes any physical activity, like a simple shopping trip to Walmart, very exhausting for her.

On such a trip recently, she was queued up to check out and anxious to get home and get the groceries stowed before the kids arrived for the day.

As she waited, she noticed you talking with the cashier and putting a big smile on her face. That is where the joy began.

As my wife checked out, the cashier smiled and told her that her groceries were paid for. In advance. By you!

That surprise lifted her exhaustion and just made her day.

My wife is a great story teller. That night at our dinner table we all had big smiles on our faces as she laughed and told of your gift. Made for a fun meal as we wondered who in the world this Santa in street clothes could be.

The happiness spread from there. As my wife relayed the story on Facebook, at least 50 people "liked" and commented saying how positively cool your gift was.

So my unknown friend, thank you for your act of kindness to my family. You've touched many hearts in so good a way.

David Ralph Johnson

Star Prairie