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LETTER: Scam has local resident concerned

To the Editor:

I don't know if anyone has reported a scam going around. 'Tis the season afterall.

My mom called their bluff, but she was telling me of a call she got telling her they were from Publisher's Clearing House and that she had won a check for over $9,000.

In order for them to deliver the check, she would need to pay a delivery charge. The delivery charge was supposed to be $1,000 but PCH would pay half leaving a balance of $499 and some odd cents for her to pay.

She was instructed to go to a store and get some sort of card that they would exchange for the PCH check. They did give her their name and phone number.

She waited a while and called the number back and they did answer saying they were waiting in front of the Bank of America building. Like I said, she did call their bluff, as well as tell them they were liars and cheats.

She did have a hard time understanding them due to their thick Spanish accents. She was troubled by the fact that they had her name, address and birth date.

So not sure if others in New Richmond are getting these calls but we felt we should give a heads up just in case.

Tom Michels

New Richmond